About Captain Tyler Legere...

I like things a little strange, maybe even a tad bit on the dark side. A lot of my work is influenced by graphic novels, Grand Guignol, exploitation films of the 60's-70's, early horror, and early science fiction, back when it was still called "strange fiction". You can probably see the influence in my portfolio. 

Experimentation is very important to me. I shoot a mix of digital and film, whether it be 35mm, 120, or one of my proprietary formats. I'll often carry a few different cameras, usually older cameras that I've retrofitted in one way or another. 

I like to work with a bare-bones crew, so it's usually just one-on-one. I do most things myself, like special effects makeup, props, hair, wardrobe (80% in my port was designed/made myself), sometimes I even make the cameras. 

If you're not afraid to get dirty, do a little trespassing, or turn a photo shoot into a photo adventure, then I'm the photographer you need to talk to.

Check out Tyler's photography book: 

Things We Left Behind