I first shot with Chia Messina in 2012. I went to her for acting headshots after a coach of mine in New York told me that I looked older in my pictures than I do in real life. So he sent me to shoot with Chia, convinced that she would have the magic key to unlock the puzzle of how to make me look as young as my essence feels

For that first shoot, I dressed in pretty little summer dresses and did my damndest to channel my sweet innocence. 

I've always loved shooting with Chia -- we've definitely always had creative chemistry. But the way we work together has evolved and continues to evolve.


Once I found the clarity that it was storytelling I wanted to do with my life, not auditioning, then I went back to Chia and shared this with her... It was then I felt Chia's artistic magic really unleash. No longer confined by the rules of the acting headshot world, we were free to play.

So just for fun, I thought I'd throw in some of those old acting shots to start the album... but do click on because it will take a very sudden turn. Obviously there were a few years and other photo shoots in between, but it's a really fun contrast to experience.