Morgan Jenkins (Miss MoJangles) is my Hoop Momma who taught me everything I know. Her influence in my life is endlessly inspirational. Morgan is the co-founder of a renowned LA-based Hoop Troupe called, 

The Hooptown Hotties.

Check out their new video that I got to hoop in with them! 

The Hooptown Hotties are back and blowing us away with a stunning group hoop choreography video filmed with over a dozen LED hoops! The Hooptown Hotties – Lindsay Clarke, Rachel Evans, Morgan Jenkins, Miss LuLu Lam & Rebecca Victoria – teamed up with other hoopers from the greater Los Angeles area for this too. Those hoopers include Emma Barrett, Francesca Chandi Devi, Megan Elischer, Bianca Ernano, Gabriella Hecht, Xandra Hobe, Amanda Lee, Christiana Powell, Ashley Pulido, Taylor Rose and Holly Whipple.


The video was filmed by Gabriel Mann, and the soundtrack for this is “Halo” by SMLE (featuring Helen Tess).

You can download your copy on iTunes.