In 2017, I was honored to be invited to contribute a performance in a special event called, PAINT THE MIC

My partner, Goya Robles, produced the event, together with our dear friend, Vincent Alvas. Goya and I decided to perform a song -- I would sing and he'd play guitar. Him and I are both passionate about music, though the musical bliss that runs through our veins usually happens in private. 

We both could pinpoint a very specific event in our past that left a voice in our heads - the voice that tells us that we're not good enough; that our expression isn't worthy; or the torturing self-talk that keeps repeating, 

"Who do you think you are? Pfft, call yourself a musician. Please."

Something I'm finally starting to learn is that all expression -- no matter how far along it is in being fully realized -- is valid.


Let us take up space with our own imperfect expression...



PAINT THE MIC is a charity event to benefit a selected charitable organization in the Greater Los Angeles area.

It is an artistic initiative between visual and performing artists who are professionals in their craft. Poets and singer/songwriters are paired up with visual artists in a collaboration to interpret each other’s work. What we are left with is a night of inspiring performances and an impressive display of new works from established and rising visual artists.

For information about this year's charitable organization, visit 

and see how their work is impacting the community.

Presented by
Tan Boys Productions and Rise 17 

Paint the Mic

Paint the Mic